Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Soaking Up Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Remember the quote, "How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you are on."?

That's what every morning is like in my home. With everyone rushing to get ready and out the door on time, the bathroom gets the highest attention. Once every one is gone, the bathroom, rest of the house and I settle down for the day.

So today I decided to send some love and attention towards the kids bathroom decor and pick up some great ideas to put in my kids' bathroom. And I found not one, not two but a whole big bunch of 'em.

Let us start with what my kids' bathroom is NEVER going to look like!

photo courtesy: coolroomideass.com

And I do not mean the overly girly theme either. My bathroom space is tiny, as in barely there. And, it serves as the guest bathroom as well. So yeah. I ought to stop drooling over this one. Let's move on.

The easiest way to perk up the sad, dreary, I-have-no-windows bathroom would be to put in a fresh coat of paint in a cool pattern. I do love the colors in this one. Orange is a wonderful way to brighten up the room as well as the sleepyheads and this one has just the right amount of it.

Or you could simply paint the cubbies or shelves in the room...or even just the cabinet doors.

Here's some more food for thought. Of course, the colors and the stripes are super fresh and happy, but this picture caught my eye more for the wall hook. You can never go wrong with a 'Splish Splash' in the bathroom, but I have not seen it on the wall hook before. So very easy to do as well. And it would go with any theme you decide on.

The stores are filled with bath sets and accessories for every bathroom theme you can think of. But if you think out-of-the-box, you can simply do away with those expensive sets and still get a fabulous look. Kids tend to dump their brush and paste and not really pay attention to where they land. I like this idea coz it will hold no matter what...and the excess water will simply drain away.

photo courtesy: yourhomeonlybetter.com
Bathroom wall decor is a growing industry in itself. From wall art to bathroom quotes, you can get them all. But isn't this the cutest idea - take a picture of your kids either during (surrounded by soap) or after (the famous towel turban) and hang them up as art. A-dor-able!

photo courtesy: cosmovici.co
You want to know the one thing I LOVE in the bathroom more than anything else. Plants. Yup, When I enter a bathroom and see a plant in there, even if it's a fake, it just makes me smile. And this bathroom design is just gorgeous.

Although I wouldn't mind even a little one sitting just atop the counter.

Have you noticed that we need a ton of stuff when we go for a shower. The shower caddies can hardly hold all and then there are things falling off when you are trying to get something else. It's quite a mess, really. At least that's the way in my bathrooms. Am I doing something wrong?

Oh well, this idea should be a great help to me. You can put in an extra shower rod or even a towel rod and then let it all just hang in there. So much easier to get to that loofah or the face wash without bumping into any of the other stuff.

As my kids are growing, I find myself paying closer attention to everything teen. Here are three bathrooms in completely different colors and yet just as aesthetically pleasing as the next. What do you think of the chandelier in the bathroom. Works, right? I would never have thought of that myself.

Adding a fancy mirror makes a lovely statement in the teen bathroom. Perhaps it will inspire her to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. One can hope, right?!

Wallpaper is a good idea too but you really have to look hard and long for the right design and color and be prepared to look at it for a long, long time because changing wallpaper is more work than simply changing the wall paint. Painting the vanity a different color? Genius.

These were some of my favorite kids bathroom decor ideas and I hope to be able put some of them in action in my kids bathroom and maybe even steal some ideas for my own. Do you have any favorites?

Happy Decorating,

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