Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In the Mood for Art

Hey All,

I have a secret love affair!

Well, not so secret anymore, but it sprung on me quite suddenly. It was such a secret that even I had no idea that I was in love. With Art, of course. And yes, I mean the one we do on canvas et al.

The fact is that until Sir Google and Lord Youtube breezed into my life, I had no idea that making your own art could be so easy. Before I used to think that I had no talent for it. Now I want to paint and try out so many different art forms that I am in a limbo coz I can't decide which one to try first.

I do have an idea of an artwork I want to create for the kids, but thanks to all these snow days and the kids being stuck at home, I get no time at all to do my own thing.

Have you noticed that 'holidays' for the family are actually 'heavier work days' for the moms? I seem to be in the kitchen just about all day! My kids are in the high-energy, always-hungry phase...and while I love to see their hearty appetites, I just wish there was someone else in the kitchen making these yummy treats instead of me.

So this is me, taking some time off and spending it instead with some of my favorite people (other art aficionado moms) and in my favorite work space (the kids rooms).

You might have seen many walls covered with alphabets. You can't really go wrong with that in a baby nursery. But this elegant and oh-so-polished way of presenting the letters is so unique, it just makes me drool.

Lauren Tarpley Photography

While we are on the subject of nurseries, these dark walls are beautifully offset by some marble art that mom created herself. I think it is so important to have some personal pieces in the nursery. It gives the room a warmth like no other.

by Fresh Coat of Paint
After monkeys, elephants and owls, the new love in your baby nursery is the giraffe. I think I have finally figured the little minds. They love anything big - monkeys have long tails, elephants have a long trunk and owls have big eyes...so of course, the giraffe with his long neck could hardly be far behind on the cute factor. And this mom certainly knows how to capture the cuteness of the giraffe.

by Make It-Love It

In an older child's room, we have to be more careful of the color schemes and themes we use. This is such a perfect wall display for a playful mermaid room. Even Ariel will be envious! The rest of the room is just as wonderfully done to match the theme.

by 733 Blog
The 'Do All Things With Love' frame is just the right thing to add in this next kids room. As kid grow, it is important to add quotes, sayings and stuff that you want them to keep in their hearts forever.

by Ameroonie Designs
This next one would be perfect in a teenagers room. The colors are subtle and the words are meaningful yet playfully created. I think I will keep this in mind for when my kids reach teenage.

I couldn't find the link to the creator of this awesome art, but if you happen to come by my site - my hat's off to you. This is a great example of less being more.

Oh and yes, I even found something perfect for your kid's bathroom. Such an easy art, you will have a V-8 moment (you know - slap your head with 'why didn't I think of this?') The creativity of all you moms is truly off the chart.

by Between U and Me
The kitchen beckons again and it is time for me to wrap up here. I wanted to leave you with some of my own creativity. I have discussed this idea on my website Decorating Ideas 4 Kids Rooms too and I would like to bring it up again because it is such a great idea. Ahem.

Transfer the wall decor you put up at the kids birthday party to the kids bedroom or simply re-create. It is easier than you realize. Like this art decor I put for my daughter's arts and crafts themed birthday party.

Instead of 'Happy Birthday' you could write 'On Cloud 9' or 'Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground'. There is no end to the number of ways we can create a wall art to pop the rooms.

Have you created special art for your home? Share it with us.

Smile Always,