Monday, January 26, 2015

Get, Set, Valentine!

Hey all,

It's coming. It's coming. It's almost upon us. Puff. Puff. Puff.

Valentine's Day, of course.

I literally hit the road running every new year. Before I can get over Christmas, the New Year is upon us; followed closely by hubby's birthday, son's birthday, wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day!!

All I seem to be doing is buying gifts and preparing for parties (and I mean the back stage preparations, not the let's-buy-me-a-new-dress preparations).

Now that the kids are getting older, the Valentine cards for school routine is almost over. I have mixed feelings about that. Last year, I was up until 2 am cutting out the lovely monster bookmarks I had decided my son would give his friends...and I was not amused.

But when his friend's mom complimented me on it almost a month later and told me how much her son loved the bookmark, I was glowing.

Here's what I am talking about.

Definitely cute. And they really looked great in the book too. See for yourself.

My theme last year was bookmarks. I found the monster bookmark idea in a Google search and bless the person who created it. So simple to make and so awesome to use. My daughter's bookmarks had a more simple look.

They were more work as I had to print both sides of the paper. Aligning these things is such a pain. The quotes from Dr.Seuss are always a BIG hit. I printed different quotes - there are so many to choose from.

The year before that I had gone for candy related Valentine gifts. Although candy is expected, I do try to avoid the sugar overload. However, that was my first time deviating from the regular teensy weensy cards you find in all shops. I was kinda happy with the results.

My daughter gave these Superhero lollipops. Here they are at the round table conference.

Get a closer look,

They do look good, don't they?

For my son, I created rocket shaped treats instead.

They were so much fun to make, even though the fingers do tire out by the end of making 25-30 of these.

This year, I am not sure yet of what I will create. I did check back on my own Valentine's Day ideas page for ideas and inspirations. 

Do you buy gifts off the shelf or create your own spin on Valentine's Day gifts? Have you tried any of the ideas from the vast virtual library of diy ideas? Share them on my website, DecoratingIdeas4KidsRooms or through my Facebook page, Decorating 4 Kids

Have a blast making the Valentine's gifts this year!